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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jesus respects the dissed

This week we watched some more of the Jesus DVD. We saw a few bits from Jesus life including when he first meets Levi/Matthew the tax collector, Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdeline. We also saw when Jesus deals with the woman caught in adultery. The theme we saw was that Jesus treated people with respect even when other didn't think they deserved it.

Matthew: Everyone though he was a traitor as he was a tax collector for the Romans the occupying nation. Despite this Jesus saw potential in the man and asks him to follow him and gives a chance at a new start.

Judas: Jesus was portrayed as seeming to know that Judas was trouble but accepting him anyway.

The woman caught in adultery: The woman is brought before Jesus to be stoned which was according to the Jewish law. However Jesus turns the tables on those who bring her and asks the one who has never sinned to cast the first stone. They all leave and Jesus says he also doesn't condemn her and gives her a chance at a fresh start.

Mary: See what Jesus did for the other woman and seems to wonder if Jesus will show respect for her too, and starts to think about following him.

Jesus is about giving people new starts not condemning them. We should be the same looking for potential in people not problems.


  1. This stuff is all fantastic keep it up!

    How amazing is it that we can get a new fresh start with Jesus?!?!?!

    How cool was it that Jesus accepted everyone from tax collectors to prostitutes!?!?!

  2. Hey, just wanted to say to you guys that meet and blog on Tuesdays at 133 that I'm with Jesus on this one - I see your potential and know that God our Father has amazing plans for you! So keep on meeting, looking and blogging!