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Tuesday, 10 March 2009


We watched the next part of the Jesus DVD which saw Jesus arriving back from the Desert and finding Andrew and John waiting for him. Jesus then takes them to Benjamin's wedding where we see Jesus laughing, dancing and smiling. This was very strange as we had not imagined Jesus showing these human traits. Jesus was human and would have done all these things. At the wedding Jesus turned the water into wine in front of Andrew and John. There were big vases of wine and it is obvious that Jesus enjoyed a good celebration.

We then saw Jesus going into a boat with Simon, Andrew, John and James who had been fishing all night but came back with no fish. Jesus told them to go back out and he would catch them some fish. Jesus told them to throw the nets out over the side of the boat and to then pull them back in straightaway. The nets were full of fish. Jesus said to Simon to follow him and he would make them fishers of men. It was unbelievable the amount of fish that were caught straightaway.

The last miracle we saw was Jesus healing a man's legs. There were lots of people following Jesus by this time. There were lots of whisperings about Jesus calling himself the Messiah and many people did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. A man came out and asked Jesus to heal his son, Jesus looked really sad for the man and healed him. Thomas shouted that Jesus was a fake and was only doing this for money. When Jesus healed the man, the man was in great pain. This was very surprising as we had not thought that pain would be involved in healing, but it seemed to make sense as the bones had to be healed.

We thought that Jesus performed these miracles to show people that he was the "real deal" as many people were doubting whether the Messiah had come.

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  1. The question of pain in every sense is a huge one but pain is very much part of all of our lives. It is good to see how you looked at the pain involved in the man's healing by Jesus and decided there was a positive side of pain - the bones were healed! I'm sure God wants us to continue looking at difficult issues and asking for His help as we try and understand stuff. Great to read this "Miracles" blog entry today!