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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Jesus death and resurrection

Today we watched the Jesus DVD and saw the crucifixion and the resurrections scenes.
At the start we saw Jesus with Pilot. He was beaten with whips by the Romans. He later had thorns stuck onto his head. It seemed unfair as Jesus hadn't done anything except help people and heal them.

Pilot offered to release Jesus but instead the people chose Barabus who was a Zealot one of the Jewish rebels. This seemed sad as Barabus was a criminal but Jesus was the son of God who did everything he was told to by God.

We then saw Jesus having the cross beam strapped to him and being lead to the cross where he was nailed to the cross beam and hoisted up onto to the cross itself.
We found some of this difficult to watch and disturbing seeing Jesus suffer like this. It is humbling to think that I was resonsable in part for him having to go through that, and that he loved me enough to do it.

We then saw Mary going to Jesus tomb on the Sunday and finding it empty. At first the disciples assumed that someone had taken the body. Then Peter and John went and remembered Jesus saying he would rise on the third day. Mary went back and found Jesus in the garden. We then saw him appear to the others later. We felt happy when we saw Jesus alive again, and relieved. Jesus is still alive today and can be there for you to support you and help you to have a relationship with Jesus.