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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Jesus the amazing, working with the ordinary.

We looked at the next part of the Jesus DVD and we saw Jesus teaching, picking his 12 disciples and going out to the disciples on sea in the storm.

When Jesus was teaching there was a large crowd of people there and he was walking among them, talking about God. He was also talking to them about the poor and how God is there for them as much as the rich and powerful.

When Jesus was picking his 12 disciples he picked the poor and ordinary people and even Matt who was a tax collector (considered a traitor). After when Jesus picked his 12 disciples he gave them some of his powers to heal other people. I think that the others would have felt sad for not being picked, but those who were picked probably felt special.

When Jesus picked his disciples he sent all of the others people home. He then sent his disciples on a boat without him and after that a storm hit them. Then Jesus came to help them by settling the sea, after walking on the sea to get to them. He also said come to all of the disciples and only peter got out of the boat and walked on water with Jesus. I think that the disciples were quite scared when the storm hit them and when Jesus came to them and settled the storm they probably felt amazed when they saw that.

Jesus was an amazing man who did amazing things but with ordinary people.


  1. How amazing is it that Jesus the sun of God came and hang out with everyday folk such as fishermen!!!! If Jesus had come now I wonder who he would hang out with now?!?!

  2. Sorry I'm late with a comment, but I reckon Jesus is hanging out now with 133 bloggers! He's hanging out now through the Holy Spirit who is in every part of our world today! How does this work then? Let's continue talking!