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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Jesus respects the dissed

This week we watched some more of the Jesus DVD. We saw a few bits from Jesus life including when he first meets Levi/Matthew the tax collector, Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdeline. We also saw when Jesus deals with the woman caught in adultery. The theme we saw was that Jesus treated people with respect even when other didn't think they deserved it.

Matthew: Everyone though he was a traitor as he was a tax collector for the Romans the occupying nation. Despite this Jesus saw potential in the man and asks him to follow him and gives a chance at a new start.

Judas: Jesus was portrayed as seeming to know that Judas was trouble but accepting him anyway.

The woman caught in adultery: The woman is brought before Jesus to be stoned which was according to the Jewish law. However Jesus turns the tables on those who bring her and asks the one who has never sinned to cast the first stone. They all leave and Jesus says he also doesn't condemn her and gives her a chance at a fresh start.

Mary: See what Jesus did for the other woman and seems to wonder if Jesus will show respect for her too, and starts to think about following him.

Jesus is about giving people new starts not condemning them. We should be the same looking for potential in people not problems.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


We watched the next part of the Jesus DVD which saw Jesus arriving back from the Desert and finding Andrew and John waiting for him. Jesus then takes them to Benjamin's wedding where we see Jesus laughing, dancing and smiling. This was very strange as we had not imagined Jesus showing these human traits. Jesus was human and would have done all these things. At the wedding Jesus turned the water into wine in front of Andrew and John. There were big vases of wine and it is obvious that Jesus enjoyed a good celebration.

We then saw Jesus going into a boat with Simon, Andrew, John and James who had been fishing all night but came back with no fish. Jesus told them to go back out and he would catch them some fish. Jesus told them to throw the nets out over the side of the boat and to then pull them back in straightaway. The nets were full of fish. Jesus said to Simon to follow him and he would make them fishers of men. It was unbelievable the amount of fish that were caught straightaway.

The last miracle we saw was Jesus healing a man's legs. There were lots of people following Jesus by this time. There were lots of whisperings about Jesus calling himself the Messiah and many people did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. A man came out and asked Jesus to heal his son, Jesus looked really sad for the man and healed him. Thomas shouted that Jesus was a fake and was only doing this for money. When Jesus healed the man, the man was in great pain. This was very surprising as we had not thought that pain would be involved in healing, but it seemed to make sense as the bones had to be healed.

We thought that Jesus performed these miracles to show people that he was the "real deal" as many people were doubting whether the Messiah had come.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Getting baptised and the Red Devil

Today we watched another half an hour of the of the Jesus video. In this half an hour we watched Jesus getting baptised by John the Baptist and also Jesus getting tempted by the devil in the desert.
In the film we saw Jesus talking to John about getting baptised. John was trying to start a revival and get people to think about how right with God they were. Jesus asks John to baptise him. When Jesus got baptised God spoke from Heaven and transferred some of his powers onto Jesus. This point was where Jesus started his ministry and began his work for God.
Straight away the spirit led him into the desert for 40 days and nights where Jesus wanted to get right with God and fast and pray before he starts with his ministry. While he is doing this, and is hungry and thirsty and at his weakest, the devil comes in and tempts him. The devil was trying to get Jesus to turn stones into bread, bow down to him and prove to the people that he was Jesus and had these amazing powers. But if he had done these things people would kind of respect him in fear or because they wanted stuff from him, instead of believeing in him and following his teachings. All the choices in a way would have affected the message he put across. But he shouted at the devil and resisted and quoted scripture to stay strong.

I think it would have been very hard for Jesus to resist the devil, especcially when he was at his weakest point. But I think that it seems silly for the devil even to think that he could tempt Jesus. It shows how strong Jesus was and how he knew that his calling was so much higher than anything the devil could offer.