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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Last supper, Jesus arrest and trial.

We watched the next section of the Jesus DVD including the last supper, Jesus going to pray, Judas betraying Jesus to the Jewish authorities. We also saw some of the trial where he was taken to Pilate and Herod.

At the last supper they all seemed to be upset as Jesus was predicting his death. Jesus also said that one of them was going to betray him.
Jesus asked his disciples to stay awake with him as he wrestled with God about what was going to happen. We also saw him being tempted by the Devil to not go through with it and take an easier road.
Judas betrayed Jesus as he had lost confidence in him being a revolutionary. He lead the soldiers and priests to Jesus and showed who he was by kissing him.
Despite lots of goading at the trial Jesus was silent and controlled in his response.

In all of this Jesus followed Gods plan for him even when he was being taken to die. When we know God wants us to do things that are hard we should try to follow Jesus example, for we trust that Gods plan is the best for us.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The build up to Jesus dieing

Today we watched another bit of the Jesus DVD. The first thing we saw was when Jesus was entering Jerusalem and everyone was looking and cheering. We then saw hoe three groups of people were feeling about Jesus.

The Romans wanted peace in Jerusalem but when Jesus came there was no peace at all in Jerusalem and so they either wanted him quiet or dead.
The Jewish authorities were worried that Jesus would cause a revolution and then the Romans would wipe out the Jews so they wanted Jesus gone.
The third group were the Zealots and they were the Jewish rebels who wanted to get rid of the Romans using violence. They wanted Jesus to lead a revolution against the Romans.

However Jesus did not want violence but instead he said Gods plan was for him to die for all the people and this seemed to upset Peter and his mother because they did not understand.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

alternative bloggers

During May we were on able to meet once as lots of other things came up.
However when we did meet three of us had a discussion around the commandment to honour your mother and father. We discussed what we thought that meant and what was difficult about it. We also looked at some practical ways we could show kindness to our parents, or try to cause less conflict.
It was a really good meeting but didn't happen in the usual way so this is why I am writing to update you like this.
We appreciate all the comments we get on the blog here and hope to be back soon with some more thoughts.