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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Getting baptised and the Red Devil

Today we watched another half an hour of the of the Jesus video. In this half an hour we watched Jesus getting baptised by John the Baptist and also Jesus getting tempted by the devil in the desert.
In the film we saw Jesus talking to John about getting baptised. John was trying to start a revival and get people to think about how right with God they were. Jesus asks John to baptise him. When Jesus got baptised God spoke from Heaven and transferred some of his powers onto Jesus. This point was where Jesus started his ministry and began his work for God.
Straight away the spirit led him into the desert for 40 days and nights where Jesus wanted to get right with God and fast and pray before he starts with his ministry. While he is doing this, and is hungry and thirsty and at his weakest, the devil comes in and tempts him. The devil was trying to get Jesus to turn stones into bread, bow down to him and prove to the people that he was Jesus and had these amazing powers. But if he had done these things people would kind of respect him in fear or because they wanted stuff from him, instead of believeing in him and following his teachings. All the choices in a way would have affected the message he put across. But he shouted at the devil and resisted and quoted scripture to stay strong.

I think it would have been very hard for Jesus to resist the devil, especcially when he was at his weakest point. But I think that it seems silly for the devil even to think that he could tempt Jesus. It shows how strong Jesus was and how he knew that his calling was so much higher than anything the devil could offer.

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  1. Wow all this blogging is fantastic and it all seems like your learning so much!!!!
    What do you think about how John was from the wilderness folk and Jesus was tempeted in the wilderness does God use are hard times for his benifit???