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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

They can't imprison the message

We looked at a passage in the Bible which is in Philippians chapter 1 verses 1 - 21. The section is written by Paul from prison. He has been arrested for talking to people about God. Despite being in prison he seems really upbeat and is using it to talk to all the soldiers about God.
We are lucky that we live in a free society, and wont get arrested for our faith.
Also Paul was not being overcome by his circumstances but overcame them and used them for God. When we struggle do we look for opportunities to do Gods work or focus on ourselves.


  1. Wow well done all of you this is amazing!!!!!
    Often we forget how lucky we are that we dont face prison for are faith! but does this mean that Christians in the U.K dont face any real struggles???

  2. Following on from Phil's comment, I want to say well done all of you too for meeting like this to do God stuff! I think that Christians everywhere face struggles today if they are really sold out for Jesus. To tell our mates that we meet in 133 to look at the bible and talk about a Jesus way of living can involve us struggling with how they react, can't it? Wendy