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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Jesus as a man

This week we have been watching the first part of a film about Jesus' life. The film is called Jesus and is part of the Time Life series on the Bible. See here for more info. See here to buy.

This first part of the film focuses on Jesus and his family before he starts his time in ministry, while he is still at home. During this Jesus dad Joseph died. We see Jesus grieving his dads death. In the Bible it doesn't say that Joseph died but he is also not mentioned in Jesus later life. So it could be assumed that he does die some where along the line. It brought home how much Jesus was a man from a family with friends and commitments around him. It made us think about how Jesus though being the son of God was also a man with struggles like other people.

The film also depicted Mary (sister of Martha) having a crush on Jesus and how he had to tell her that he could not be with her because God was calling him, and his life was not his own. It also made us think of the weight that would have been on his shoulders seeing how the Romans were treating the Jews but having to wait to know when to act. In the film he did not have any brothers or sisters and so was leaving his mother on her own when he left, which was hard for him. In the Bible it seems to show that Jesus did have brothers and sisters but as the oldest his mother would be his responsibility.

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1 comment:

  1. wow this film sounds pretty good!!! it reminds me of Jess n how much she sacrificed for Jesus travilin from like New Zeland to Gillingham to serve God n hang out with Aaron, Adam n Sophie!
    Ye I think one of Jesus's brothers was called James!?!?!?!?